A Teacher, or an Educator-Mentor for life? The difference is in the strength of the student-teacher relationship.

Humanising education focuses on the “how” as well as the “what”.
In the “how” the educator can engage and influence the student to reach goals beyond their highest dreams.

This “how” depends on the Emotional and Social Intelligence of the educator.

A competency that can be enhanced and learnt.

Aims of the program:

Enhance the Emotional and Social Intelligence of the educator and students to:

•Bring the Best of the educator and each student to become the best of themselves.

•Build work, study and life balance, enhancing resilience in teachers and students

•Become comfortable with diversity, uncertainty, and rapid social change.

•Contribute to teamwork, every stakeholder, and the vision and goals of the organisation.

•Identify and deal with work, challenges, tensions, and conflict,

•Identify if this is the right work for me.

The program consists of a

Core Unit covering:

•The neuroscience of Engagement and Influencing

•Competencies of Emotional Social Intelligence

•Building mutual trust

•Dealing with difficult relationships.

•Practical & Experiential tools enhance teacher-student and student-student engagement

•Mastering face-to-face and online engagement

Time: 1 x 6hr workshop or 2 x 3hr workshops

Other available units on:


•Identifying and dealing with Stress and Burnout

•Conflict Resolution

•What to do when I don’t know what to do




The program is founded on:


•Contemporary Educational Research

•Psychology, Pedagogy, and Sociology, among others.

Experiential learning

•Using the Play of Life, a 3d Technology

•Individual experiential learning

•Practice, and experience with peers

•Training support



•Blended delivery: Face-to-Face (in some areas) & online